Relocation: Southern Highlands, Australia

Relocation: Southern Highlands Australia

The Southern Highlands, once known as a sanctuary for retirees, is now becoming the place for families and baby boomers. Due to high cost of housing in Sydney, many people are wanting to move to somewhere with a bit more to offer.

Geoindex predicted that Bundanoon, a quiet town on the perimeter of the Southern Highlands, will increase its housing price by 16.2% per annum in the next 3 years. Not bad considering the outlook for the Sydney property market is quite the opposite.  Similar to housing, demand for units or flats in Bundanoon is predicted to grow by 7.9% per annum in the following 3 years. Indeed, more and more people are escaping the city and adopting the fine country living in Southern Highlands.

Aside from an easy drive to Sydney, people are moving to Southern Highlands because of cheaper housing. Single room rental in the Southern Highlands is around $200 per week compared to Sydney’s lowest rate of $250 per week.

In addition, great lifestyle is here. Enjoy the area’s wine and boutique beer industry, immerse in the history and unwind while adopting the cafe culture. If that’s not enough, play to the many verdant golf courses around the area.

Worry no more about your children’s education, Southern Highlands is home for prestigious private and public schools and daycare is much cheaper ($60/day) compared to Sydney’s rate of $80-90/day.

Generally speaking, Southern Highlands is a much more affordable and in many ways more rewarding place to call home.

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