Southern Highlands Spaces

Southern Highlands Spaces

Only 90-minute drive away from Sydney, Bowral is one of the enchanting Southern Highlands towns for the perfect country escape. Whether you are a foodie or a nature lover, Bowral has something for everyone to enjoy. If you already reside in the Southern Highlands, you know what I mean.

Wake up every day and walk around idyllic surroundings and nature paths. Not only do public spaces such as Corbett Gardens shows off their neatly clipped designs, private homes and other well-hidden gems also open up for public viewing.

For the dining scene across the region, you can never go wrong with the abundance of fresh produce and best tasting wines. Drop by at the cellar door of Centennial Vineyards and dine at acclaimed Biota Dining, a consistent award-winner in The Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Food Guide.

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